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You know how happy 11:41 makes me. Stupid-happy.

Regarding your MM inanity, it's one of the few flaws in the show. As many people who in modern times wear contacts would have been wearing glasses back then. As a society we're visually (no pun) disconnected from that reality. I think it's why Dale wore glasses in S2 when he didn't in S1; they realized they need to start upping those numbers.


Seri, I love you and I'm still your most loyal sister-in-law, but this isn't acceptable.  I can read your Twitter on Twitter and Facebook.  I'm looking for some dialogue about jobs, family, baby Bea, wife, relatives in MN, new home, etc.  Please Rick.


Marge wears glasses.

Just sayin'.


This is why I'm still reluctant to jump on the Twitter bandwagon.  This is all a little too random and out-of-context for me.  Normally I like totally random crap like that...but it's just not sitting right here.  : ?


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