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Have fun at American Idol!! We'll look for you in the audience. :)

I assume you're talking about Parenthood the movie, which is amazing. It was on the other day so I watched some of it (for the umpteenth time). Love Steve Martin's happy "freakout" scene at the ballpark after Kevin catches the ball.



1. Holy cow, blogging 3 days in a row!

2. I spit all over my desk. There's coffee everywhere.


^ She really does that.

Cute kid.

John Kipp

Nice work last night.....saw you right behind Randy Travis!  I hope all is well!


[this is good] He likes to butt things with his head


Great Talent always starts with a bucket on the head....she is being Pierrot [the clown]!

Next she'll have Arlo Weiner designing her outfits......


Post Script:

Elmo and Bea......

That's happiness

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